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By shardrecruit, Feb 8 2015 09:37PM

Communication. There, that was easy, wasn't it?

Easy to say - far harder, it seems, to do. After all, communication is a two-way process. However, a large (and growing) number of Recruitment Agencies out there fail to appreciate this basic fact. And they're losing market-share as a result.

A significant number of Recruiters seem to talk a lot but fail to listen - really listen to their clients and their needs. They fail to listen closely to the brief and thus fail to understand both the company ethos and the role dynamic. They compound this by then sourcing the wrong candidates, sending 5, 6 or even more CVs to the client who must then spend time sifting through in the hope that one or more might be appropriate (wasn't part of the recruitment process to save the client time in the first place?). If they are lucky, they hit the dart near enough the board to get a couple of interviews.

Hardly worthy of an appointment fee of any size - let alone the 20% or more that is common throughout the industry.

That's where Shard behaves differently to the others. We're a boutique agency - not some faceless monolith. We're not pushy 'salesy' people; most of our custom comes from existing clients pleased with our previous efforts who choose to continue doing business with us - they contact us. These same clients are surprised when they might receive only 1 or 2 CVs from our efforts - but these candidates will absolutely hit the mark. And often - dare I say, usually, for more senior appointments - these candidates are sourced via search and selection. Normal fees for engaging an agency in search and selection can be vast - upto 40% with retainers often required. The fee at Shard remains the same. And that is one of the best things about us - 10% ... as standard. Never more.

So, if your existing Agencies are able to deliver all this, congratulations - you've got a good Recruiter; hold on to them with both hands.

If not, drop us a line today. We'd love to hear from you.

By shardrecruit, Jan 22 2015 11:40AM

In an effort to offset the stalling economy of the Eurozone, the European Central Bank is likely to announce it will instigate quantative easing measures to the value of €1 Trillion (as reported by the BBC here)

QE has been shown to be demonstrably effective for the US and British economies over the last 8 years. It was also employed in Japan though with less success. If enacted., this would represent the first time that Mario Draghi, ECB President, has utilised the measures.

There is the possibility that some German members of the board will resist the package, preferring instead for any purchased bonds to be held nationally instead of centrally. However it seems more likely than not that the stimulus will get the go-ahead.

By shardrecruit, Dec 11 2014 09:39PM

The Russian Central Bank raised interest rates again today - just 6 weeks after the last rate rise.

Rates were set at 10.5% in an effort to tackle rising inflation. This follows a previous increase on 31st October from 8% to 9.5%. The bank added that it remained ready to increase it again "... in case of further aggravation of inflation risks." Annual inflation is now running at 9.4%.

The Rouble continues to suffer as a result. Last week saw the biggest single-day fall since 1998 and today's news has done nothing to reverse that situation. Yesterday, the Central Bank admitted to spending £2.9bn in interventions to prop up the Russian currency this week alone. Following the announcement, the Rouble was trading at 68.98 Euros.

The recent drop in oil prices is also problematic. Oil and Gas comprise 68% of Russian exports. If prices do not recover in 2015, the World Bank estimates a contraction of the Russian economy by 0.7% (based on an average crude price per barrel of $78). But if prices drop even lower still (eminently possible given the ineffectiveness of OPEC just recently) to $70 then the economy would shrink by 1.5%

All this is set against the backdrop of continued hostilities in Ukraine and a significant increase in military activities along Russia's borders. Russian naval and air force activity in the Baltic has been described as "unprecedented" of late.

If you wanted evidence that Western sanctions were having an effect, you need look no further than today's announcement.

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